The Only Shrimp Party in town!

10th Annual RLES - Sunday Sep 29th 2019 @ 2PMCountdown

This record maintains the complete set of shenanigans started by a small group of individuals who loved to eat. It started out as a leisurely trip to Red Lobster for Ol' Buzzer's birthday in 2009. Everyone met at Red Lobster to partake in their Annual Endless Shrimp Spectacular, then the eating began. And they ate, and they ate, and they ate, but it went too far. There, in that dry west El Paso Texas restaurant, Red Lobster Endless Shrimp For the Win (RLES FTW) was born. Every year on the last weekend of September, the tradition is revisited and new memories are made. The real purpose of this event is a pointed focus on a secret society dedicated to defeating Red Lobster Endless Shrimp.

Official Results and Photos

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Shrimp Facts

Official Rules

Suggested Guidelines

Official Shrimp Types (2019)
All-Time Records

World Record for Shrimp Eating: 12.25 lbs (2015)
Highest Total Group Count: 1,678 (2019)
Highest Total Group Weight Consumed: 51 lbs (2019)
Highest Average Per Person Count: 145 (2014)
Highest *Unofficial Individual Count: 250* - Sivo (2010)
Highest Official Individual Count: 225 - Jazake(2014) and Sivo(2019)
Best Red Lobster Service: Sal and Eddie (2018)
Most RLES Championships: 5 - Sivo


Jacob 'Jazake' Lara

*RLES Champ: T-2012, 2014, 2015*

RLES Society Role: COO, Front End Web Developer
Favorite Shrimp: Ocean Fresh
Super Power: Gorging without considering the consequences
Interests: Expertly quoting and recognizing The Simpsons early seasons 1 - 12
Special Talent: Cooks minute rice in 58 seconds

Steven 'Sivo' aka 'Tis no man' Schumacher

*RLES Champ: 2010, 2011, T-2012, T-2018*, 2019

RLES Society Role: Cup-bearer
Favorite Shrimp: Deep Fried Bacon Scampi
Super Power: Can change the outcome of any situation simply by participating in it
Interests: Performing as Admiral Ackbar at kids birthday parties
Special Talent: Can give the correct change if someone pays him $5.00 for a $4.50 sale

Ryan 'Saucy' Stopani

*RLES Champ: 2013*

RLES Society Role: Speaker of the House
Favorite Shrimp: Foot-Breaded
Super Power: Can lift slightly more than you think
Interests: Pretty much anything involving coffee tables
Special Talent: Can use his Nintendo Power Glove to order pizza online

Matt 'Buzz' Stopani

*RLES Champ: 2016, 2017, T-2018*

RLES Society Role: CEO, Founder, Facebook Admin
Favorite Shrimp: Eaten
Super Power: The Buffalo Bills of RLES with 4/6 second place finishes.
Interests: E.L. James and Danielle Steele novels
Special Talent: Can lick elbow

'Han Solo Shrimp' Sip 'Happens' Serrano
RLES Society Role: CFO, Talent Coordinator
Favorite Shrimp: The Good Kind
Super Power: 12 IBC Rootbeers, 1 Ford Explorer
Interests: Watching Dave Matthews read Marvel comics
Special Talent: Ability to see into the future, but cannot prove it.

'Piddy' Pat Espinoza
RLES Society Role: Marketing and Advertising Specialist
Favorite Shrimp: De-Breaded
Super Power: Can lift 3 Poker tables and 2 couches on his back at one time
Interests: Looking for places to find something to lift
Special Talent: Can be kicked in the crotch without injury

'Poker' aka 'No Poker' aka 'Yoker' aka 'Joker' aka 'Toker' aka 'Tower' aka 'Miata' aka 'Gunpowder' aka 'Sexy V-Neck' aka 'UFO' aka 'Bear Victim' aka 'Mistahpokuhmikeuhson' Mike Boggess
RLES Society Role: Back End Developer, Expendable Member
Favorite Shrimp: Saki-Battered
Super Power: Will beat anyone in a heads up air guitar or air drums competition
Interests: Japanese Tentacle Pr0n
Special Talent: Is not racist

Ryan 'Cuz' Hernandez
RLES Society Role: RLES San Antonio Coordinator, Twitter Admin
Favorite Shrimp: Cooked
Super Power: Can read, but cannot understand Hebrew
Interests: Makes deli quality sandwiches that don't result in death
Special Talent: Listens attentively to boring stories

Ian 'Wingnut' Penwell
RLES Society Role: Boise Chapter Coordinator, Designated Team Midwife
Favorite Shrimp: Don't cook 'em, ruins the flavor
Super Power: Believes everything he reads on the internet
Interests: Conducting longitudinal studies on the long term health benefits of an exclusive Chicos Tacos diet. P-value 0.02, n=1
Special Talent: Can perform the entire Beatles White Album live, but only in reverse

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